Our story began a long time ago I, Zia, was first introduced to the creative process by my mother at an early age, in Bangladesh when she was tasked to build a structure that was to be our home in the future. The moments watching her project manage and direct artisan craftsmen will stay with me forever. On return to Glasgow, where I was schooled, I proceeded to Aberdeen, where I studied various subjects, including the History of Philosophy of Science and the History of Art.

When I moved to London, I studied Furniture Design and Manufacturing at Central St Martins, after which I became a cabinet and furniture maker. I met my future partner Kristina during my Grand Tour of Europe's design shows.
After discovering that we both had a passion for design, we travelled to her home in Estonia to experience the Soviet architecture of Tallinn. Kristina, who had previously come to London to study, completed her Master's degree in Psychology. However, later she decided to take a left turn and follow her desire to work in more creative fields. 
Since then, we combined our experiences to create Dottypix, where we could bring together our knowledge of our cultural influences to make objects that we are dotty about and that appeal to our aesthetics of minimal yet meaningful.
As of this year 2023, we are proud to be Fairtrade certified Independent Producers at Aarong. 
Aarong is the number one lifestyle retailer, which has, today, 28 stores across Bangladesh. Aarong is the retail wing of BRAC, the largest non-governmental organisation in the world. Aarong’s profits are directed back into BRAC to support all the good work that BRAC continues to provide for the most vulnerable groups across the world. Aarong is also a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. That means that our artisans working in Bangladesh all operate under Fair Trade Principles.